One of the most important tools in the world of Patchwork are the rules, with them we can mark with total precision of our projects, Patchwork Losi you can find the catalog more comprehensive rules for patchwork and for all the work of sewing and crafts

Rules in centimeters

We stock a wide variety of rules in centimeters, we work with the ...


One of the most important tools in the world of Patchwork are the rules, with them we can mark with total precision of our projects, Patchwork Losi you can find the catalog more comprehensive rules for patchwork and for all the work of sewing and crafts

Rules in centimeters

We stock a wide variety of rules in centimeters, we work with the best brands in the market, with different formats, sizes and materials, with our rules, you will be able to bring forward any project, from Patchwork, sewing or crafts.

Rules in inches

Like in centimeters, we stock the largest variety of models, we also have rules in centimeters and inches which are the rules of patchwork perfect for any project

Rules of patronage

Perfect for any sewing job, and sastreria, with these rules you will be able to design and create patterns for any garment

Accessories rules

we stock a wide assortment of accessories to rules from knobs and handles to fasten them with safety up to organizers to always keep our rules in order and located

Patchwork Losi you will find the most comprehensive assortment of rules for all types of work and projects, the best brands at the best price in the market


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  • Accessories rules

    Accessories rules

    Some of the most important tools in patchwork, sewing and crafts in general are the rules, the best way to use them is by using accessories that increases its safety, precision and allow us to work much faster than with the rule only

    Rule of court

    The rules of court tend to have the edges without bevel so they have a greater surface to support the blade from the cutter rotating, to enhance the security when we are making cuts we stock handles for rules are also very interesting dots non-slip this way we avoid that the rule may slip and spoil the piece with the cutter or harm us, we also facilitate our work when we use the ruler to measure and mark on fabric, paper, carton, wood and other materials that we use for our projects

    Rules patchwork

    In patchwork are essential rules seam to facilitate its handling and increase its precision and safety is the main function of the accessories here we present to you, but you can also find guides, margins, sewing, media and organizers to facilitate your projects

  • Ruler non-slip

    Rules non-slip

    The rules anti-slip for patchwork, sewing and crafts, can work with greater precision and safety to the hour mark and on all cuts with the cutter rotating, available in various sizes for you to choose the one that best suit your projects and work

    Safety in your work

    The biggest problem that we can find when we are cutting with the cutter is that the rule from slipping, in first place, we can spoil the piece we are working on and to throw away hours of work and secondly and more important we can cut ourselves and make us a lot of damage, that's why I think it's important to spend a little more and work with more security to our hands and fingers we agradeceran

    Quality accessories

    As in all the products we sell, we very much take into account the quality of the product, so you can enjoy it for a long time, besides we always offer the best price, that explains our growth since we started this adventure back in 2012, Patchwork Losi has already become a benchmark within the world of patchwork, sewing, crafts and hobbies, thanks to all of you who have entrusted in us we have the strength and determination to keep going and keep improving day-to-day

  • Rules inches

    Rules in inches

    With our rulers in inches, you will be able to implement any project in this measurement system, high quality and the best price in the market, with the rules in inches, we completed the catalogue broader rules of the network, we work with the best brands to offer you always the best

    Quality in all our products

    Like the rules in centimeters, we have a wide variety of rules in inches, with them you will be able to perform any work whose patterns are shown in this measurement system, all of our rules have been selected from the best brands and so we have been able to have an extensive catalog of products of the highest quality, so you can carry out your projects and work over the years without having to re-buy them

    You will no longer have to be doing complicated calculations to go from inches to centimeters to use your old rules, with the rules in inches you can draw, mark or cut any pattern that indicated in inches

    Wide variety

    We stock a wide variety of different measures, sizes, even shapes, for all kinds of works of patchwork, sewing, needlework and crafts

  • Rules in centimeters

    Rules in centimeters

    The rules are perfect for any project

    Rules for patchwork

    the rules in centimeters are perfect to mark and cut your fabric for patchwork, made in transparent methacrylate and with lines and numbers in two colors make them perfect for fabrics of light and dark.

    The best brands of rules

    Patchwork Losi we distribute the best brands of rules Olfa, Ideas, Omnigrid, also we have all kind of rules, rules on angles, rules of patronage, rules, curves, and always at the best price.

    Because rules in cm

    With our rules in cm you will be able to perform all kind of projects, even though the patterns are in inches, to convert from inches to centimeters, you only have to divide the inches between 0,39370, for example 19,45 inch between 0,39370 gives us result 49,40 cm, each inch measures 2.54 cm

  • Rules in cm and inches

    Rules in cm and inches

    Within the amplisimo catalogue that we have in Patchwork Losi, you can find rules of sewing in centimeters and inches, so that you can move about the fabric any pattern regardless of the measurement system in which this is designed, we work with the best brands in the market to bring you the best products and always with a very competitive price

    Quality in our rules

    In our quest to provide our customers with the best products at the best price, we include in our catalog the most prestigious brands of accessories for sewing, patchwork and crafts for your creativity has no limits

    Our rules are made in methacrylate, a material with a relative flexibility and good robustness so that the rules will last for a long time, are screen-printed in two different colors its lines and numbers are black and yellow in color to facilitate the vision, materials the dark or light, with all of these properties you will be able to make marks, lines and cuts with total precision

    It does not matter if the pattern is in centimeters, or inches

    Our rules by having a double marked in centimeters and inches, are appropriate for any job no matter the system of measurement that you have used the designer of the project, this saves us time by not having to be performing complicated calculations to pass the measures of a measurement system to another

  • Rules of patronage
  • Accessories rules

    Accessories rule

    Some of the most important tools in crafts and work are the rules, in this category you will find all kinds of accessories for the care, use and improve your Rules of sewing, you can find handles for rules of patchwork that you get hold of a way more simple and ergonomic your Rule patchwork to make cuts with greater ease and more importantly with a lot more security.

    Cut fabrics patchwork with security

    To make precise cuts and secure in this fabric patchwork in addition to the handles for rules you can use the Dots non-slip this allows you to perform any type of cut with safety your rule of patchwork is not going to slip out, avoiding damaging the fabric patchwork and what is worse is that you can hurt yourself with the blade of the cutter rotating.

    Guides, sewing

    Another type of accessories for rules of sewing are the caps of seam allowance to this type of stops are used as guides for seam allowance and are very helpful to make seams straight and always respecting the same width, whether sewing by hand or with a sewing machine, it is important to use the guides for seam allowance so that our seams look straight and give a more professional image to our Quilt, whether it is for personal enjoyment, to give away or to sell as a craft.

    Organizers rules

    It is important to have our rules of sewing or rules patchwork organized that is why we put at your disposal several organizers of rules, so you can use them more quickly and not lose time searching for your rules, also with the organizers you can have your rules well cared for and always located in your position, once you take the habit to use the take the rule that you need to mark or cut your fabric for patchwork it is automatic and practically it does not need or look to catch the rule desired.

  • Rules non-slip

    Rules non-slip

    Because we have a section just for rules non-slip? when we work on fabrics and in particular about fabrics, patchwork is very important that the rule did not move to avoid damaging the parts, and especially to avoid cuts and accidents, work on our projects with safety is a priority for us.

    Rules of sewing safe

    These rules patchwork bring the security does not move when we are marking or cutting our fabrics with the cutter rotating , avoiding so possible accidents and cuts, our work is make it more safe and more quick and rewarding, we all know the pain that you feel when the cutter penetrates our flesh, that is why we recommend when you're doing patchwork at home or any other type of work and you need to use rules of sewing that these are slip resistant to avoid accidents.

    Prevents accidents

    Imagine that you are making a quilt patchwork or a quilt where you need to perform a multitude of pieces with their corresponding cuts, all these cuts must be realized accurately and safely, the best way to make such cuts is that the rule does not slide on the fabric, that is why it is important to use rules anti-slip or in case of not having them you can also use the dots or bases non-skid that we put at your disposal in Patchwork Losi

    Marked in centimeters and in inches

    These rules patchwork or rules of sewing , you can find them marked in centimeters or in inches so that you can perform any type of work are the patterns made in any system of measurement and no need to have to be doing conversions of system

  • Rules in inches

    Rules of seam in inches

    Whenever we interpret a pattern on our fabric patchwork their actions can come indicated in centimeters or in inches to avoid that you have to be doing conversions of measurement systems we put at your disposal the rules in inches so you can perform any project for which this expressed in this system of measurement.

    Rules in inches

    Most patterns patchwork are expressed in inches so in Patchwork Losi we have a wide variety of rules in inches so you can make all kinds of Quilts without the need of carrying out complex conversions of measures, the rules in inches we sell have the same quality and properties that the rules in centimeters, your wide range is due to the fact that in our broad catalogue we have with manufacturers and american brands which are expressed in that system of measurement.

    Available in various sizes and shapes

    In our wide range of Rules patchwork in inches you can find diverse measurements and also with various ways and always of the best brands in the market such as for example, rule olfa, ruler omnigrid, rule ideas, you can also find guides, seam allowance, and many tools more, spend some time to browse through our website and discover a world of tools and accessories to make crafts, patchwork, work and bring all your projects to success

  • Ruler in centimeters

    Ruler in centimeters

    Within our comprehensive catalogue you can find the rules of sewing in centimeters, perfect for use on fabrics patchwork to come marked in black and yellow can be used on light colored fabrics and fabrics that are dark, this makes for very easy viewing for both the mark as to make accurate cuts.

    Rules patchwork in centimeters

    We stock the best brands in the Rules of sewing , and rules patchwork among the wide variety we put at your disposal rules, of different shapes and sizes so that you can tackle any project, Quilt, quilts patchwork, or anything that you can think of, the rules in centimeters, allow you to transfer any pattern expressed in centimeters to the fabric of patchwork and, as always, with the best and most diligent service from patchwork Losi put at your service.

    Great variety of rules sewing

    Within the catalogue of rules that we put at your disposal you have more than 100 models to choose the one that best suits your needs, all at the best market price and with shipping fast and cheap, when working with different distributors and brands in our catalog is one of the most extensive within the national and international market, all our products come with official warranty of minimum 2 years

Showing 1 - 97 of 97 items
Showing 1 - 97 of 97 items